A List of quotations

Brian Gondo
Another criticism of hubs is that for entities that are promoting entrepreneurship, they are not very entrepreneurial themselves. - Full Article
Tamuka Mtengwa
I didn't really look at myself as a black student of photography.  - Full Article
Rudo Nyangulu
Whilst I could not change her gender, race or country of origin, which to some may be her biggest hurdles; I realised that I would have to deliberately impart in her a passion for ‘Self’. - Full Article
Ryan Chokureva
The one thing you notice when you do fashion and commercial photography is how much black models suffer - Full Article
Ruth Chatukuta
That is the way to get an aesthetically pleasing city. A city that takes your breath away. The city that people are always proud to keep clean and habitable. It’s not about how much landscape design is done - Full Article
Chiratidzo Chiweshe
Being an artist, incorporates so much of what I truly am - it talks about the labour of bringing forth something that did not exist, of channeling the unknown and somehow translating it into something that everyone can not only understand - Full Article
Raymond Muwaniri
But with most villagers now being Christians they are refusing to participate in these ceremonies, putting the future role of Sabhuku in these ceremonies to question. - Full Article
Edith We Utonga
The doctor there only added salt to injury by telling us our baby would need open heart surgery to patch up the hole inside his heart. - Full Article
Begotten Sun
Most Zimbabwean hip-hop is American cloned music made to sound vernacular - Full Article
We live in a country hanging on precarious tribal imbalances with roots in pre-colonial times - Full Article
Takudzwa Gezi
It was notorious for dope smokers and couples kissing (which is unacceptable in public in our society) - Full Article
Since the San there has been a huge gap of silence. No one has been experimenting with natural pigments - Full Article
Most of what is called African art around the world in big festivals; in big gatherings of the champions of art is not determined by Africans themselves - Full Article
I am going around picking soils, crushing rocks that have different colours and trying to see how far they can expand my palette - Full Article
So Profound
Got my life irregular like any polygon with no line of symmetry, buried in false doctrine, mind constantly plotting evil, just like the Pentagon - Full Article
Calvin Chimutuwah
There are so many good carpenters. After they are finished furnishing their homes and working out their space, they now need to make sure they have good local artworks on their walls - Full Article
So Profound
Got racism playing keyboards, keeping black and white keys in conflict, when on the real, its just one keyboard producing one sound - Full Article
Raymond Muwaniri
Africa So much potential but unless that potential is realised Africa will always be at the bottom end of the ladder for others to step over - Full Article
Tigere Chiriga
It doesn’t matter what kind of problem I’m faced with; I take pride in developing unique ways of finding solutions - Full Article
Victor Nyajeka
Local Brands are often trailing behind as followers are becoming pace setters challenging the fashion industry on the internet and setting new street fashion trends through their personal opinions and styles - Full Article